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Monday, February 04, 2008

20... er... 17 questions with Hydrargentium

Well, we have a very special opportunity here at Hydrargentium's Weblog today: an interview with Hydrargentium! Hydrargentium has graciously granted us an opportunity to play twenty questions, and what follows is a transcript of the excitement!

Q: So, let's start with something frivolous. Favourite Julia Roberts movie?

A: Hmh. Notting Hill.

Q: Really! That's surprising. Why's that?

A: Well, not because Julia Roberts is in it, that's for sure. It's got a great ensemble cast, and plenty of laughably funny bits -- like the part where the Japanese businessman leans over the counter to kiss the clerk at the Ritz on the cheek before asking if there are any messages, based on his observations of the two other characters' reaction to the clerk's generosity of information. Lots of funny bits. The writing's pretty smart, and most of the dialogue isn't all that trite. Hugh Grant is quite believable in his role (even if the role itself is unbelievable) -- he does a good job. Of course, it's not my favourite Hugh Grant movie, but that's another story. Julia, however, is quite wooden throughout the film, and I could easily ignore her in most of the movie, except for her great scene at the dinner party when she tries to convince the others she's had the hardest life and therefore deserves the last piece of cake.

Q: Ah, I see. You've clearly given it some thought.

A: Just now, yeah.

Q: Uh, right. So, on to question number two-

A: Three.

Q: Pardon?

A: Question number three. You've already asked me two questions.

Q: No I haven't. Just the one about the Julia Roberts movie. Granted, you were quite verbose in your response, but still-

A: No. I answered two questions. My first answer was short and to the point: Notting Hill. Then you asked me why I chose that movie. That's where the long answer kicked in. In response to your second question, "Why".

Q: But-

A: You think I'm kidding? Play back the tape. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Q: No, no, that's okay.

A: Honest, I don't mind.

Q: No matter. Let's just forge ahead with question number tw-... uh, three.

A: Forge on.

Q: Right. So, uh, movies behind us. Tell me, what makes you blog?

A: I'm pretty sure I've answered that question already-

Q: Oh no you don't. You did not. There's only been two questions, remember? Two. We counted.

A: Ahem. As I was about to say, I've already answered that question in a previous blog post.

Q: Oh, ah, aheh, right.

A: Yep. Check out "Meta-blog: motivation" for the full answer to that question.

Q: Um, okay.

A: ...

Q: So, where do you get your ideas? The ideas for your blog?

A: Been there, done that one too.

Q: Oh.

A: Just the other day, actually. It's titled "Into the grinding waters" -- lovely title, isn't it?

Q: Hey, I'm the one asking the questions here!

A: That you are. Ask away.

Q: Right. Ahem. What's in your music player, right now?

A: Buck 65. He's awesome. There are two tracks showing in WinAmp right now, Side 1 and Side 2, from something called "Strong Arm - Mix Tape". Each track is over fifteen minutes long. I think I downloaded it off his website a while ago. Didn't get a chance to get into it when I first got it, but now I've been playing nothing but for the past couple of months. I could listen to Buck 65 for hours. Ever since he won that East Coast Music Award for Best Newcomer, or something like that. He beat out Joel Plaskett, so I checked him out. Downloaded a song called "Wicked and Weird", and never looked back. Awesome, awesome tune. One of my all-time favourites.

Q: What did you eat for dinner last night?

A: Steak. Salad. I made Tomato Basil soup, but it's not quite right. I'm gonna try to adjust it, perk it up a little. It's good, but not great.

Q: And how do you like your steak?

A: Medium rare. Last night I put it under the broiler with a sprinkling of Montreal Steak Spice. Great to have in the cupboard when you don't have time to do anything else. Better, though, is to mix up a bit of olive oil with some crushed garlic, maybe a bit of rosemary, plus salt and pepper, and smear it all over each side. Yummy yummy!

Q: Ah, yes, you can, uh, stop drooling now.

A: Oops, sorry.

Q: No matter. Like most of your readers, I'm curious to know if you'll get to the ending of "Until the Fever Breaks". Is an ending in the cards?

A: Oh yes, definitely. I can feel it coming (in the air tonight -- great song), and I know how the thing's supposed to end, so it's just a matter of time, really. One, two, maybe three more posts. Depends on how productive I end up in any one sitting.

Q: Good to know. So, what do you do to relax?

A: Mmmm, nothing special, really. Read, watch some TV, listen to music.

Q: Read any good books lately?

A: Oh yeah. Just finished one by Gregory Benford, called "Tides of Light". Really well written, very engaging. He manages to get you, among other things, inside an alien mind, and caring about its (her) motivations. It's a sequel to a book called "Great Sky River", which I haven't read, but stands well on its own anyway. The way it ends, I suspect there's a third book, but at the time of printing for my copy -- I bought it second-hand -- there's no third book listed in the "Also by this author" section at the front. I've just started into a collection of Robert Silverberg short stories (well, long stories, really, since they average about 40 pages each) called "The Feast of St. Dionysus". I love Silverberg -- he wrote one of my all-time favourite Science Fiction stories, "Dying Inside".

Q: Interesting. So, let's just cut to the chase. Who the hell are you, anyway?

A: Excuse me?

Q: "Hydrargentium". It's just a name, a pseudonym. Not a pen-name, call it a key-name. But who are you really?

A: ...

Q: No answer?

A: Here's your answer: I think we're done here. In fact, I know were done here.

Q: What?! But I've haven't asked you twenty questions yet! It's only been, like, half that.

A: Eleven, to be exact.

Q: Right! But I thought we had a deal. Didn't we have a deal?

A: That's twelve. Now leave.

Q: What? Are you kidding me?

A: That's two more. Out.

Q: But-

A: Out. Move it.

Q: ...

A: Go. Now!

Q: Have I touched a nerve?

A: Git! Scram, before I toss ya!

Q: You wouldn't... would you?

A: ...

Q: Okay. Okay! I'm leaving. Look, don't touch me. Here I am, picking up my stuff, going out the door.

A: ...

Q: Are you sure you don't...? Uh, nevermind.



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