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Friday, February 01, 2008

Fiction Fridays: Once Again

Something a little different for Fiction Friday today. I was struck yesterday, unbidden, by a tiny bit of song. Now, I've told people I write songs and poetry, as well as stories and programs, but I've yet to really prove it online. So here's the proof.

What happened, though, is that I somehow found this half-formed phrase in my head last night:

Sandwiched in the hmm hmm between hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmm...

Far from complete, by any stretch of the imagination, but it came with a melody (also out of nowhere, although I suspect it had something to do with hearing Counting Crows' A Long December on the radio a few days ago -- a song that I've always liked, but haven't heard in years). I have a hard time ignoring song ideas that inject themselves into my frontal lobes, so I started playing with it over the course of the evening's duties.

What I came up with, I really like. So far, there are two stanzas, along with the beginning of the chorus. I hope you like it. I also hope too much is not lost with the melodic limitations of a textual blog posting.

Sandwiched in the waiting room between Nervous Dave and John the Meltdown,
I can't keep my eyes off of the writing on the wall.
Imitative sagacity, derivative philosophy,
Plus some light graffiti: "It's the Nuts'll save us all."

We all know a little bit of everbody's story here.
Told to Group the incidents that made us who we are.
Not about the origins that raised up above our kin,
Shared instead the tragedies that brought us down so far.

Once again, I am talking to the doctor.
Once again, he is writing down my dreams.

I'm also toying with changing "writing down my dreams" to "jotting to my dreams", partly because it's alliterative (at least, it is when spoken), and partly because it seems to denote a lesser sense of caring on the part of the doctor.

Also, since this song tells a story, some of the words of the chorus will change as the song moves along. I've pretty much decided that the second chorus will be:

Once again, I am lying in the blast field / Once again, I am listening to the screams

Like I said, there's definitely a story in here.




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