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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

To snog, or not to snog...

Okay, so I used this word, "snog", in my last post, as an awkwardly pretty bit of alliteration. I'd thought I'd made the word up, but as it turns out, those pesky, frisky Brits already beat me to it. From the Urban Dictionary, we get this:

1. verb; to interface passionately with another being, creating a field of physical obsession and focused arousal +centered+ on the lips, mouth and tongue.

2. verb; to play tonsil hockey

As a writer, I like the first definition -- use of plus signs around the word 'centered' especially feels inspired by e e cummings and the concrete poetry movement. As a Canuck, I can definitely identify with the second. :P

Incidentally, if you follow the link above to the definition page, I cannot be held responsible for the silly pictures associated with the definition.



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